Branded Promotions iBooks promotions are conceptual designs based on creative briefs and partnerships with the editorial and business teams. These promotions are implemented across all devices and platforms that are used by hundreds of millions of people daily. 


What Latin America Loves
This is a cross content promotion featuring books, music, movies and apps that are popular among audiences from Colombia, Chile and Peru. Inspired by the indigenous (Andian) patterns, colors and geometric shapes, a custom typeface is created for each promotion. The patterns represent the rich history, color and culture behind each of the participating countries.


New in Latin America
This is a promotion featuring a collection of the latest books, freshest voices directly from some of the region’s countries. The spanish language is one of the key characteristics that ties all of the Latin American countries all together. The letter ñ is a unique character that is only used in the Spanish language.

Inspired by the glyph (tilde) on top of the letter ñ in combination with an open book shape icon, a pattern is created using flag colors for each participating Latin American country for this promotion.

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